Modules 2015-2021

by Ida Deerz / August 5th, 2022 / 4.11gb

This is an archive of every single tracker module i have ever publicly released under my deadname. I've manually corrected every module, created audio renders of every file, and categorized everything by genre and year into this huge archive. If you've ever wanted to hear what i was up to before i became Ida Deerz, here's your chance!

fancy coverart woooo

fancy coverart woooo

Everything in this archive is completely free to use! The songs are available through a CC BY-NC license, and you can find licensing information below. Feel free to use them as background music for your streams/games/videos/whatever, to rip samples from them for use in your own tracks, and to remix the tracks as a whole.

Where to get it

This collection can be downloaded from a few different places:

Google Drive — contains the full archive & any updates to it.

Torrent — kindly provided by @kazooiewastaken :)

Bandcamp — a Bandcamp release featuring 50 selected songs from the archive.

YouTube — a YouTube upload of the Bandcamp release linked above.

Licensing information

You can find the included licensing information here:

this entire archive has been licensed as CC BY-NC 3.0! feel free to use everything in the archive however you want — whether it's a soundtrack for your game/stream/video, or using the samples from the tracks in your own works, or remixing the project files included in the archive — as long as the usage is credited and non-commercial.

some examples of usage i see as commercial: a big 10+ person game studio using my music in their commercially released game; an NFT artist using my work as background music for an NFT drop, which they make money off of (i will NEVER permit this); a music artist copying stems from my works into their own music and commercially releasing it through distribution services such as Spotify or iTunes, or as a physical release (CDs, vinyl, cassettes).

if your use case falls within those boundaries, or if you're unsure whether your use case does or not, feel free to shoot me a DM or an email! i'll most likely be fine with it. other than that, feel free to do whatever you want with the archive.


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